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In July of 2013, T.L. Bridger and Daniel Cleghorn, wanting to do something new for their church's annual fair ministry, had the idea of presenting the gospel through the story of a messenger who braves the dangers of Indian Territory to deliver a mysterious letter to a dangerous outlaw in the Old West. Enlisting the help of their friend Adam Dufour and his son Jacob, they spent the next year developing, writing, filming, and editing The Redemption of Benjamin Black - a sixty minute film that has since been featured in multiple festivals across the country.


Despite the vast amount of problems they encountered during the making of The Redemption of Benjamin Black, the four men instantly fell in love with the art of inspirational filmmaking, and founded the company Amor Domini Productions. In winter/spring of 2015, they again collaborated to produce the short motivational film Forward Until Found, a silent ensemble film that follows a letter as it is passed from person to person,

forever changing the lives of everyone who reads it. Far superior to Benjamin Black in production quality, Forward Until Found has garnered lots of praise and won numerous awards, including an award of recognition at Best Shorts and the silver medal for best short film at the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival.


Since Forward Until Found's release, the company has released two feature film; Andy's Rainbow, starring SNL alumni Victoria Jackson, which has won or been nominated for almost 40 awards at various film festivals nationwide, and To Be a Soldier (formerly titled Sinjar).

Their latest film, Timbertown, is currently in production, with more projects in development! Follow the Facebook page to be kept up to date.

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